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Norman Rockwell April Fool’s Day Covers

Readers delight in scrutinizing these covers—and even find new errors from time to time. Can you spot all of them? Answers are included.

Masterpieces That Were Created During Times of Quarantine and Isolation

Take a page from some very famous creators who used times of isolation and quarantine to create some of the world’s greatest works. Here are a few that most people know about and the lesser-known stories behind how they came to be.

The 5 Minute Journal

The creators dedicated the book to lifelong learners and doers because they believe that people who learn and people who act are changing the world every day. If you are interested in starting to journal this might be a way to start.

The Learning Walk

Cobb addresses the mental health benefits of walking and one that highlights its impact on creativity. Be sure to click the link on The Learning Walk: A Primer to read the first of this 2-part article.