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Mental Habits that Support Lifelong Learning

No significant learning happens only through consumption of insights. It happens when we act on what we learn, go through the experience, take risks and then develop insights through the lens of that experience.

The Pocket Notebook of 20 Famous Men

The idea of carrying around a pocket notebook has become quite popular these last few years. In 2002, keeping handwritten journals is an art men and women share. Historically the pocket notebook has always been used by men from many different walks of life.

Runners Top the List When Competing Against Themselves

A recent survey by (2020) regarding competitive fitness found that working to beat yourself is a much bigger motivator than trying to beat people around you, and runners lead the way in this form of self-competition.

12 Couples Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Relationship (and Your Core)

Doing yoga with your partner on a regular basis is an ideal way to spend time together, while releasing the tension that might otherwise get in the way of your quality time. Couples yoga is an excellent way to grow trust, create a more profound relationship and just have fun together. It also lets you attempt poses which you otherwise may not have performed alone.