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How Purpose Changes Across Your Lifetime

Purpose is not a destination, suggests research, but a journey and a practice.

How to Handle Criticism in College: 10 Useful Tips

How to Handle Criticism in College: 10 Useful Tips To handle criticism appropriately, students must learn how to: • Differentiate between constructive and destructive feedback. • Deal with the first reaction. • Communicate well with the person criticizing their work. • Learn from their mistakes.

How Movement and Gestures Can Help Student Learning

Sit down, sit still and use your head. In our brain-centric culture, we often equate thinking with quiet focus. But when it comes to deep learning, the brain is only part of the story, says Annie Murphy Paul, author of the new book “The Extended Mind: The Power of Thinking Outside the Brain.”

Life's Uncertainty Got You Down? Research Suggests Savoring

Three studies look at how unpredictability influences enjoyment of life.