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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.“

- Ralph Waldo Emerson -

What Drives Us?

The purpose of Blooms to Blossoms is to contribute to the enrichment of young adults and beyond by demonstrating that the integration of life and learning makes a difference.

Provide, present, assist, share, supply

Cultivate, enhance, reinforce, support, add value

Validate, exhibit, establish, explain, illustrate

Blend, combine, assimilate, incorporate, synthesize

Growth, development, vitality, viability, enthusiasm

Knowledge, skills, ability, values, belief

Influence, signify, important, substantial, meaningful

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Elaine Guerrazzi, PhD

Founder & Educator

My professional and educational career as well as my personal life are centered on promoting the blended processes of growth and development. As a lifelong learner I continue to enhance my knowledge and skills to provide informative discovery experiences for others. During my career I managed recreational sports programs in higher education for ten years followed by ten years serving as Director of Research and Assessment. During this time, I studied the relationship between academic and co-curricular experiences and the ability of these experiences to facilitate student development and achievement. I also served for fifteen years as adjunct faculty member in the School of Education Graduate Program teaching research, adult education, student development, and leadership courses. In this faculty position I directed my energy to mentoring doctoral students’ research initiatives as both a chair and committee member. My mentees successfully completed over 125 projects. Currently, I strive to share my passion for life and learning by helping others connect the pieces in ways that matter.

Dr. Elaine Guerrazzi was absolutely amazing, and I know I could not have achieved my goals without her support. She is personally invested in seeing everyone succeed, and I was honored to have her as my mentor and advisor on this journey.

- Dr. Alexis Bonavitacola -

Dr. Guerrazzi has an eye to the practical (What actually works to enhance the learning process) as well as to the theoretical (What are the credible approaches to prepare others for lifelong learning?).

- Wayne Hall, Vice Provost for Faculty Development -

Dr. Guerrazzi is a consummate professional. She is highly organized, timely, and provides high quality consultation and analysis. I believe these skills and her other personal characteristics make her an outstanding professional who truly has made a difference at our institution.

- Thomas D. Hadley, Ph.D. Assoc V.P. for Student Services -

I have worked with Dr. Guerrazzi many times before and she is one of the most responsive, scholarly and passionate faculty members I know.

- Jonathan R. Gehrz, Advanced Learner Doctoral Advisor -

Our Purpose

My life has directly and indirectly (formally and informally) revolved around the theme of my blog…integrating wellness, lifelong learning, and personal development. My earliest memories from childhood include my pursuit of an active lifestyle, a thirst for learning through doing and reading, and the curiosity of wondering what was next. I’ve often been told that my first words as a child were probably, “I wonder…” OR “why”. These early characteristics have guided my growth and development, living and learning throughout my life. My Dad provided some insight into the idea of lifelong learning when, during my time in graduate school, he shared with a friend that I was going to go straight from doctoral graduation to the institutional retirement plan!!!! I guess I’ve been connecting the pieces for over 60 years and am looking forward to continuing in that process through my blog.

I have chosen the painting Wanderer Above the Sea and Fog for my work area. I agree with the interpretation of Friedrich’s painting as an illustration of “contemplation, self-reflection, and wondering about the unforeseen future. The Wanderer has his back toward the viewer as a way to see the world through his eyes.” Similarly, BloomsTo Blossoms will share insights, ideas and thoughts with readers about integrating wellness, lifelong learning, and personal development.

It is my hope that my readers will perceive the value of this insight, incorporate the principles into their own lives, and share their thoughts with me and others.

It is my hope that together we will create a community of scholars, practitioners, and pupils.

Tagline Explained

Integrating Wellness, Lifelong Learning, & Personal Development

Blending, combining, assimilating, incorporating, synthesizing

Emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, environmental, occupational

Continuous development, personal fulfilment, ongoing, self motivated, self sustaining

Knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, beliefs


Stay connected and blossom!