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Be Open: Inspiration Comes From Everywhere



By Elaine Guerrazzi | October 28, 2019

Many people act as though the future is something that happens to them rather than something that you can create every day. Have you thought about what inspires you? It is interesting to consider that inspiration comes from everywhere if you are open to the possibilities.

The definition of INSPIRE is: 

**to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

** to create (a feeling, especially a positive one) in a person.

Merriam Webster provides the word history of inspire.

This moving little word may be traced back to the Latin inspirare (“to breathe or blow into”), which itself is from the word spirare, meaning “to breathe.” It didn’t take long to establish itself in a figurative sense, as our earliest written English uses of inspire give it the meaning “to influence, move, or guide (as to speech or action) through divine or supernatural agency or power.” Many of the early figurative senses of inspire are religious in nature, so it is not surprising to learn that the word shares a connection with spirit (which comes from the Latin word for “breath,” spiritus, which is also from spirare).

I am not a church going person BUT that does not mean I am not open to inspiration, support and guidance found from living my day-to-day life. Inspiration, for me, comes from everywhere.

I subscribe to a couple reading listservs. I receive a daily email with descriptions of suggested books in categories I self-selected.  Recently a book series was profiled, published by Guideposts.  Guideposts is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring the world to believe that anything is possible with hope, faith, and prayer. Their programs extend to writing workshops and encouraging wellness.  I didn’t know Guideposts published fiction so I read the profile and decided to get the first book in the series.

I ordered the book through interlibrary loan.  It is not “blog-worthy” news that I ran an errand to get my book last week…however…what I found in the book is quite inspirational and something I would like to share.

Inside the front cover of the book were two pieces of paper.  Someone (or maybe more than one person) typed the content on the pages on two different typewriters.  Also, I could see there were pin holes in the corners of each page. Someone had tacked these pages to a bulletin board or wall.

Guardian Tree Productions blog shares several articles on responsible living. One article, Finding Guidance in Your Life, connects to the ideas shared in my blog this week.  I believe that being open to inspiration that comes from everywhere is a key factor to finding your path in life.

Guardian Tree states, “The key to finding guidance in your life is to start being responsible for your own growth.”

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