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Love At First Sight


By Elaine Guerrazzi | January 20, 2020

We have been cat owners (owned by cats) for 20 years.  The joy they have brought to our life is immeasurable. As I think back on the story of how each cat became part of our family, I feel as though we were meant to be together.  With each cat it was love at first sight…attraction that leads to an long-term relationship.

They each have distinct personalities of charisma and charm.  Words that describe charismatic are confident, exuberant, optimistic, expressive body language, and a passionate voice.  In some ways I have become bilingual by learning the language of each of our cats. Each has private language developed with me.  They provide just as much nurturing to us as we do to them.  Our cats need us BUT there is a balance of these relationships: we need them.

Pets are humanizing.  They remind us we have an obligation
and responsibility
to preserve and nuture and care for all life.   
 James Cromwell

Einstein (10/21/01-10/9/14) and Reggie (10/21/01-2/1/19) are brother and sister pixie bob cats and were our first two cats.  The name Einstein was chosen because he was particularly smart and intelligent.  He immediately came to me, rolled over and asked for a tummy rub so he had to be mine.  Reggie (Regina – Queen in Italian) was our kitten for life…never weighing over 7 pounds.  Reggie was our queen.  She had an independence about her that required respect while exuding love and contentment.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.  **Anatole France
May the memories of our friends be with us forever.

They motivate us to play,
be affectionate,
seek adventure, and
be loyal.  
Tom Hayden

Until last Friday we had 3 cats Percy, Chester, and DJ.

Percy (named after a town from my early childhood) is a rescue cat and joined our family in 2012. She is a solitary cat who likes her alone time.  She kisses me with her eyes, likes to be near us but at a distance, and always shows contentment with her “hooked” tail.

Chester (named after the town where I was born) is a pixie bob and joined our family in 2014.  He is a cuddle cat who demands attention.  We share a favorite chair, he knows where the treat drawer is and “asks” for treats regularly.  He has a demanding voice only a mom could love.  

DJ  (named after my Dad) is a rescue cat and joined our family last year.  I have shared his story in a blog earlier this year.  He is best buddies with Chester and loves to have his lap time.

Buddy (named after a nickname for my grandfather) is a pixie bob and joined our family this past weekend.   We are looking forward to integrating Buddy into the group.  I am confident he will find his place and be a great asset to our family.

How can you not love this face?

Our cats had/have a power of immense, non-judgemental love…that is completely reciprocated. From the moment our eyes locked there is no going back. Our lives will forever revolve around each other.  Percy, Chester, DJ and Buddy are loved every day and we never take them for granted.

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