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By Elaine Guerrazzi | May 20, 2019

At the end of my first blog I stated, “The initial series of posts will be from a broader scope to build a foundation of common thought.” Promoting the idea that integration of life and learning makes a difference guides my purpose. I would like to share some thoughts on how finding my purpose and you finding your purpose can blend together. I also asked, “Have you thought about how you learn?”  Your first thought when asked that question was to a structured school experience from your past.  However, learning also occurs inadvertently and accidentally. Clark (2015) in his Performance Juxtaposition site describes four types of learning and provides a graphic depiction charting the types of learning.

Formal learning: growth & development in a structured setting

Informal learning: growth & development in a more spontaneous manner

Intentional learning: growth & development through self-selected activities based on areas of interest; set objectives

Incidental learning: growth & development that occurs secondary to a prescribed set of objectives

Using a collegiate cross-country runner as an example shows how the learning settings overlap with various wellness components. Consider the following examples:

Formal learning comes from the coach who structures the practices, supplies guidance on running strategies, or suggests a model of shoe to wear based on conditions.

Informal learning comes from experiences the individual runner has during a competition such as gaining knowledge of competitors strengths and weaknesses.

Intentional learning comes from voluntary summer workouts alone or with an informal group.

Incidental learning comes from the experiences of winning and losing or achieving a personal goal/milestone.

Our collegiate cross-country runner can enhance his/her physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual wellness through these various settings. Our runner will even find that the wellness components overlap from setting too setting. There will also be a connection to nature (environmental) and could lead to a future career path (occupational).

So how does this example relate to finding your purpose and influencing your learning?

Check out Kelsey Landrum’s (2016) post titled:
What Running Means to Me, And Some of the Life Lessons It Is Teaching Me

Kelsey shared her personal running experience to show that life is a cumulative process. Making decisions, building, and maintaining relationships, and finding an insightful way of putting various life pieces together will create purpose and balance.

Combining the ideas of Clark and Landrum we can find a path to designing a personal well-being legacy and a strategy to live with a purpose.

Richard Leider (2015), author of The Power of Purpose, provides a simple formula to help your find your purpose.

By reviewing my gifts, passions, and values has resulted in my intent (purpose) to build a community to discuss the meaning of an integrated life. Together, our effort will result in the creation of a well-being legacy to live and to pass on to others.

Mark Victor Hansen, co-founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, identified 6 tips to create a balanced life. Some of his tips include:

Assess your life as it is now.
Make a conscious decision to become balanced.
Set goals in every area of your life.
Be willing to take the risk.

Let us consider the idea of our joint purpose:

My Purpose + Your Purpose = Our Purpose

The guiding questions for discussion would be…

Together how do we define our purpose for Blooms to Blossoms community?
How can we live and share our personal well-being legacy?

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