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By Elaine Guerrazzi | May 13, 2019

I bet you would agree with these statements:

  • Learning continues throughout our lives.
  • The motivation for learning includes personal development and/or professional development.

Have you thought about how you learn?  

By reading my About section  you will find I’ve always been interested in how the pieces of life connect and influence personal and professional development.  My pursuit of this blending of the pieces of life took shape during my graduate work.  I find it interesting to think about where and how these ideas took shape for me. My first assignment in graduate school (I majored in education and sports management) was to write a position paper on the role of sports in society.  I wrote this paper over 35 years ago and it continues to be a solid foundation for my current work.  I will share the concluding sentence of that work with you.  

“The purpose of sports is very simply and fundamentally to provide human beings with experiences that will assist them in achieving a better state of being.”

For me, putting the pieces of life together continues to emerge.  Creating a way to engage others in this conversation is my next step.

To develop this plan, I asked myself the following questions: 

  • How can I share my ideas to be scholarly, practical, and of interest to others?
  • How can I develop a public forum to talk about these ideas?
  • Why does this matter and is it important to others?

I wonder if I could create a community to share ideas and experiences about ways to live a healthy, evolving and enriching life? My idea for Blooms to Blossoms blog resulted from this reflection.  Life is a bud that as we grow will bloom BUT how do we cultivate growth so our life blossoms to its fullest potential?  What are the pollinators that make this happen? For this blog I will describe the integration of wellness, lifelong learning, and personal development as the pollinators.

So, you might wonder…is this blog for me?  I think the answer is YES!!

I will write this blog for young adults to seniors intending to cross generational lines.   Gaining personal knowledge of practice (how you live life) requires reflection.  York-Barr, Sommers, Ghere, and Montie (2006) outlined how to think about reflection from various perspectives in the following way:

Reflect in the present (reflection-in-action);
Reflect back (reflection-on-action);
Reflect forward (reflection-for-action);

Reflect within (reflection-on-self).

Consider your past, present, and vision for your future as you reflect on ways to thrive and blossom.

Consider ways you can share with our readers, family, friends, colleagues, students how you put the pieces together.

Consider ways your experiences transfer knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and beliefs from one aspect of your life to another.

How do the pieces fit together to make a whole?

I’ve posted introductory materials in each of the main categories of the Resources section.  Take a few moments to skim through the resources to stimulate your thoughts.

Hopefully, you’ve gained some insight and perspective on the plan for Blooms to Blossoms. I also hope you’ve found at least one connection to your life and at least one connection you’d like to share with someone.

I plan to post every Monday morning.  The initial series of posts will be from a broader scope to build a foundation of common thought.  

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