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One Small Step: United Rather Than Divided

By Elaine Guerrazzi | March 2, 2020

While I was out doing errands yesterday, I was listening to StoryCorps podcasts.  I have always felt it was important to listen and learn from other viewpoints. Being open minded contributes to lifelong learning and personal development. One podcast I listened to was from an NPR National Project, One Small Step.

One Small Step is an effort to connect people so they can remember that people with whom they disagree are human beings. In doing this, we can begin to mend the fraying fabric of our nation – one conversation at a time.”

Over 800 people have taken part in this project.  Coming from a research background (see my About page) my first thought was the wealth of narrative data available to learn from and share…could be an interesting project for the future.  One resource I have shared in the past that supports my idea of gaining the perspectives of others is Finding the Value in What People Have to Say.

I hope you take time to read the content below, The Importance of Being Open Minded (Ziegler, 2017) and listen to the podcast.  The podcast is slightly politically oriented, from a broad perspective, however my point with sharing is that we can learn from each other, no matter the topic,  if we take the time to listen, reflect, provide our insight, and be open minded.  As you listen to the podcast listen to the engagement of the people, the receptiveness and acceptance of differing views.

Ziegler (2017), The Importance of Being Open Minded

Ziegler (2017)

One of the most sincere forms of respect is
actually listening to what another has to say.  
Bryant McGill

Participants from the NPR National Project state:

I want to be here today because…

**I was hoping that I could find out from someone who maybe is different from me how you got to be that way.
**I wanted an opportunity to actually sit down with somebody that was reasonable, had an open mind.
**It’s important that we start to see each other as human again.

To listen to the podcast click on “Across The Great Divide” below.

StoryCorp podcast (15 minutes)
Across The Great Divide

Additional One Small Step Feature Stories

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